Bdo character slots

bdo character slots

Du interessierst dich für Bdo Character Slots? Dann jetzt unsere Webseite besuchen und Bdo Character Slots umsonst anschauen. I'am interested in buying BDO but like the title says i do have some questions. 1. respectively, along with character slot expansions, inventory slot expansions. Dez. I'm on the free trial thinking about buying the game for 6 bucks while it's on sale. I thought the base game had 4 character slots but there are 6.

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Boards Black Desert Online How many character slots? Always been 6 at least i think. The striker event on right now allows those already playing an extra character slot for 1 loyalty point.

Not sure if new players also get that or not You don't stop playing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop playing. The game is very alt friendly so it's definitely worth getting the slots.

I got the travelers package so I have 7 slots. There's what, a NA server and EU server? If I make characters on the EU server they would be a different family right?

Do you know if there would be any noticable lag if I play on the EU server? I'm from Pennsylvania and play on the NA server. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Black Desert Online Store Page. Hey all, I was wondering, other than purchasing with real money, if there is any other way to obtain character slots for this game.

In addition, I had a follow up question; there are only 14 slots right now, but it seems like at least a 15th class will be coming.

Will they allow up to 15 slots then? And will this be like other MMOs where they give you a free slot for returning players. Thanks for any help! Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments.

I believe you can spend loyalty points to buy a character slot. Almost every time new class appear -Kakao deliver a promotion where new 1 slot cost only 1 point of loyalty.

Ramsickle View Profile View Posts. As both Chu and Shadow said, with new class releases you basically get one for free and only 5, loyalties to buy one anytime.

I'm trying to find some info on the max number of character slots you can have, and am coming up short. All I've found so far is the base game is coming with 4, the preorders increase that depending on which one you buy, and you can buy more from the Shop.

But there is no info on how many you can have total. The character creator shows 9 slots: It's almost always less than the available maximum of characters you could roll.

Every MMO I've ever played gives you at least enough slots or give you the option to pay to get up to it for each different class as that is where the different play styles are.

If BDO doesn't that's fine. I just want to know ahead of time so I can make the cuts I need to for class choices. You have to pay money to get to the max.

You'll start with 5 6 for free on the KR version. After that you have to purchase expansion with pearls. One is also an award for an achievement.

Be careful when deleting chars to remake them at the start. Chars take 24 hours to delete and you can't use that slot until it's deleted and the name is then locked for 30 days.

This is just sad, thought could just use the name on a random character, and wait till I can give that name to my plum when they release the class Well what you could do is delete the character a month prior to her release, but that seems entirely convoluted.

And the naming convention, with unique first and last names, coupled with 30 day name holds with 24hr delete phases isn't convoluted?

I never said that the current system isn't already convoluted, just that it seems very complicated if you would want to try and save a name for a class that has not yet been released.

It annoys me that character names have to be unique. Honestly only family names should have to be unique, that way this wouldn't even be a problem.

At least they do on the KR version. I believe at game launch there were only something like 4 slots? I am still curious why I only had the minimum number of slots after the merge if I had previously bought slots.

So 2 weeks ago, when I logged in for the first time in several months, I had 8 characters. The 7th and 8th ones were secretly unusable?

I am pretty confident that I had purchased extra character slots before this merge happened. The part I still don't understand is that if 6 slots is the new baseline, where was my refund for the slots or did the extra slots just get "absorbed" when the baseline was bumped up?

Or am I just massively misremembering what happened and the game has always offered 6 default character slots even from launch?

Thanks again for your help. Dec 21, Messages: Let me shed some light on this subject for y'all: This is all due to the New World merges that happened some time ago, when characters from the various servers merged all into one so that we can play together without problem.

In a situation where we didn't purchase any additional character slots on our accounts yet had more than 6 characters after the merge, only the first 6 with the highest levels would have been accessible and therefore playable.

Any overflown characters would have become "locked" and we would have gotten the message " Character Slot is closed " when trying to log in on that character.

However, if you delete one of the other 6 characters that are active, the next character in a locked slot would become available.

Look at it this way, have you played cs: This game is relatively always online, and PVE you might not get hit at the same time they swing.

Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? I thought the base game had 4 character slots but there are 6 for the free trial.

Did they add 2 free slots since the game first came out? Shadow Shadow 1 year ago 3 6 slots, bought the extra slot on my first day for 1 loyalty point of which you get right away.

I'm on the free trial thinking about buying the game for 6 bucks while it's on sale. Wir sehen uns auf der anderen Seite! Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Chars take 24 hours to delete podolski verein you can't use that slot until it's deleted and the name is then locked for 30 days. Forum and share your thoughts with the BDO Team and the community. Or simply buy the game on Steam, don't play for longer than 2 hours, and get a refund in case you don't like it: Don't ask for gift packages, pearls or pearl items. I thought the base game had 4 character slots but there are 6. Qarran isnt top 50 in korea. If a player ignores this and there's a worker working at the time of the merge, the materials they were working for are exchanged for money based on the trading value at the Marketplace. Wie angekündigt könen ab sofort in diesem Forum auch keine neuen Beiträge mehr veröffentlicht werden. Bree Royce August 1, Wie wir bereits angekündigt hatten, ist es ab sofort nicht mehr möglich, neue Diskussionen in diesem Forum zu starten. Das ist halt ein Lager, kein Account-Lager. You can buy a low tier horse coupon from a stablemaster, you can tame upto a tier 5 horse in the wild, or you can very easily buy a cheap horse at the horse market speak to a stablemaster in any capital city. New Character Slot Grind Official forums ; thanks to kalamari for the tip!

Bdo character slots -

Ich habe mir auch den Waffen Skin aus dem Shop gekauft mein Fehler, habe nicht richtig gelesen um dann festzustellen, das wenn ich den Skin wechseln möchte, der einfach kaputt geht. Forgot your username play free casino slot games online no download password? Warum sind die Kostüme gebunden? Posted 30 Nov edited. Finde ich ebenfalls eine riesen Abzocke, dies nur pro Charakter zu haben, bereits freigeschaltete Bank slots sollten meiner Meinung nach für alle Charaktere verfügbar sein. Submit a new link post. In a situation where we didn't purchase any additional character slots on our accounts yet had more than 6 characters after the merge, only the first 6 with the highest levels would have been accessible ovo casino test therefore playable. But mechanics-wise, you want to have as many characters as possible for: I believe around launch time I had purchased a few character slots so I am confused why I still appear to be capped at the default 6, Beste Spielothek in Schroffen finden of the 9 or so I should have. Want to add to the discussion? Keep me logged in on this device. There are three classes that are similar except for the gender and awakening skills I believe. I got the travelers package so I have 7 slots. Look at it this way, have you played cs: Presumably the limit will be similar as 15 is enough to make 1 of each class including gender duplicates and unreleased classes and too many character slots will mess with the energy bottling mechanic. Boards Black Desert Online How many character Beste Spielothek in Rotkreuz finden

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